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Footwear sole

A family company
since 1993

Prefabricados Majoma is a company that has been dedicated to the manufacture of soles for footwear for more than 30 years. Founded in 1993, today it is run by the second generation. Its main goal is to offer its clients products with maximum guarantees to wholly satisfy their needs.

Thanks to our professional and quality experience, we have enjoyed gradual growth and firmly established ourselves within the sector as a leading company in the manufacture of soles for footwear and work with prestigious brands.

As far as we are concerned,
there are no limits

At Prefabricados Majoma, we provide technology and creativity tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, in addition to a completely personalised service so we can offer the best quality and finishes in the manufacture of soles for footwear.

As far as we are concerned, there are no limits. Thanks to our experience and technology, we are able to come up with any type of design. In our collection, you will be able to see some of our creations. We advise each client so the type chosen is the best one for their project.

Tradition and innovation
come together for your project

Innovation has always been a constant and we stay permanently up to date with the new trends in manufacturing soles for footwear and fashion, thinking ahead to fulfil the specific need of each client.

With progress in mind, we have equipped our production process with the latest technological advances: State-of-the-art IT machinery and systems which, together with the continuous training of our specialist staff, enable us to reach the client with a product that holds the maximum quality guarantees.

As part of the innovation process, we have implemented a new tracking and monitoring system to keep the client updated at all times with regard to the phase of the manufacturing of the footwear soles for their order.

We look for solutions that respond to future challenges, which is why our development and innovation department conduct all of the technical tests required to ensure our end product is a footwear sole with the best qualities.

Commitment to
the environment

Aware of the importance of an appropriate management to preserve the environment, here at Prefabricados Majoma, we have developed a corporate culture of respect and awareness. In order to do so, our company is perfectly equipped with an environmentally-friendly waste collection system. This culture has also been conveyed to our employees and suppliers.

Do you have a project and need creative and quality shoe soles?

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